Research Group Timeline

Hi All –

A big picture view of upcoming research group meetings and stuff – please correct any mistakes I’ve made:

March 17 – Joe & April will pitch main themes for Belize and STARS research (contents of poster elements) for feedback ; rest of time will be used to work.

March 24  – switched to March 23 (Wed) from 3:30-5pm in Goergen 110 (to be confirmed) – practice presentations for NARST (John, Pete, Ellen, Belize, STARS)

March 31 – meeting cancelled

April  7 – Liz and Michael and Jeremiah write together

April 14 – Welcome Newcomers to Research Group – social time

April 21 – Introduction to possible project, research and service opportunities for the summer including data collection (identity interviews, teacher debriefs, blogging); data analysis (blogging, STARS), project work (STANYS proposals, GRS web presence – blogging, spotlights, etc.), and service work (technology, supplies room).

April 28 – GRS RESEARCH GROUP PLANNING MEETING (the bold caps means it’s important – please come 🙂  )

May 5 – Joe and Michael present a discourse-focused observation protocol we might use for GRS – the ISIOP

May 12 – GRS Website – review & revise  (led by Joe)



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