Feb 10th – GRS research group


  • Interviews – connecting with Stacy; another great conversation Cailin
  • Powerful experience in LA: trajectory; tom shadyak; sean carroll; conference running ideas; steve connell & saiku andrews (actors, poets); brian green – failure to engage wtih the wonder of the ideas)
  • Bruno Latour – Joe will send us something for next week

  • Application- pre-dissertation application; 1.5 pages what am I going to do for my dissertation – start application early, takes a lot of time
  • RC – 2nd comp done by the end of the month; writing group on Saturday
  • STARS reunion – Feb 17th and 18th – next Thursday (2-3:30pm).  Marshall & Jared will personally invite them. Video Game Group: 3 parts – a) co-constructing
  • March 14 – copy to Chris Penders

Updates on Research

  • Michael  – comps – fleshed out draft (clear intro);  presented in a strong story line; goal for next week – rsrb for initial submission for Connie for pilot study (Thursday evening, click send); Monday, 2/21 – send in the comp; Tuesday 2/22 -work on second comp – and will ponder.
  • Rach – “yea me!” – random stuff; Wed – needs some down time; comp 2 draft done – currently has 8 pages with no consistent flow – needs big blocks of time – might send a couple paragraphs to separate and talk about different things; playing out and committing to “categories/themes”
  • Liz – rewriting comp 3 (methods) – got a ton done; get to library at 5:15am stop at 11am. Comp will be complete next Wednesday; edit on Thursday; submit 2/21.
  • Joe – RSRB approved (exempt) for pilot study. Project starts next week. “Discourse” publication with Hursh. Went through outline, and is going to start writing comp by Thursday; rough draft to david in 2 weeks – methods section is coming together. Reviewed manuscript last week.
  • STARS: broker of scientific practice and language (Ana);
  • Belize: three people – stepping through story-telling



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