Disciplined Subjectivity Part II

General Updates:

AERA and NARST registration and travel arrangements are online now. Let’s discuss coordination of this on the 10th.

Writing – 9am – noon Saturday’s – Michael went.

Data surfing Saturday on the Belize data was fruitful.

Reading for following week (2/10): Studying Side by Side: Collaborative action ethnography in educational research by Fred Erickson (2006)

Research Updates:

  • Jeremiah will post weekly updates in between meetings. Working on proposal  – by the 31st – revisit/refine the research questions – by 2/2 (Big picture goal March 10th:  outline of ch1 & written ch. 2) – 2/2: questions, outline (ch1), & chunks of literature review (ch2)
  • Michael shared main themes from section 4 of comp 1  NEXT WEEK: Will complete first full draft of Comp 1 for submission on Feb 17 of final draft.
  • Liz will share a table of critiques matched with efforts to address these (comp 3) – Read feedback; did “insert text boxes” for responses to critique – Next week -outline of comp 3 Outline of comp 3 done.
  • Liz got feedback on conference proposal: teaching and learning with technology symposium in Ithaca. Will submit by Saturday.
  • For next week: Rachel will write 5 pages on socio-cultural /identity stuff related to science literacie -Today: worked with group on working drafts of pre-dissertation fellowship application (due 2/5)!; for 2/10 – Will write 2 paragraphs of “figured worlds.”
  • Joe  Today: had outline of comp 1 – brought copies of robust outline. Shared and received feedback.  Next week will have the genealogy methods section for feedback.
  • Feb 10: Joe and April will share Belize “Capture Sheet” and our attempt at a code book; each member of the research team is writing an analytic memo.
  • Rachel and Joe will share research questions for STARS

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