Definitions and History of Ethnography and updates

January 20 –

Reading for today: Erickson (2010) Classroom Ethnography.

Reading for next week: Erickson (2010).  A history of qualitative inquiry in social and educational research to appear in Handbook of Qualitative Research, 4th edition.

General updates:

  • Summit on Science, Education & Entertainment (Feb 3)
  • Book update
  • Next Friday – workshop for faculty
  • Schooling the World – Jan 25th (Joe)
  • STARS reunion on 2/17
  • What else?
  • Liz needs to join AERA, NCTE –

Research Updates – What did you promise? How did you do?  What’s for next week?:

  • Michael – Comp 1? making progress – will be done with final section “Challenges of Reform-based Teaching” (let me know if you need Edelson, 1999; Settlage & Meadows, 2002), will re-read the rest of it,  and will share highlights of writing with us.
  • Liz – Working on comp 3. Goal for next week is to look at all the comments, read them and come up with plan for how she will address.  Will bring table of concerns and ways to address.
  • Rachel – Comp 2 (after 3 months away) – identity (Holland…), socio-cultural theory, feminism, and how these relate to science literacy – 5 pages minimum of identity and science literacy blended (next coming – feminism, race too?)
  • Belize – “Capture Sheet” color-coded google doc – goal: code book by Saturday (10 ish total)
  • STARS –  compiled Data Inventory; goal: Research Questions; Rachel will draft an interview protocol by next week; 2/17 reunion; 2/18 interview; will have photo page with reasons to follow each
  • Joe – Comp1  – organizing into major discourse themes- will share those themes with us next week
  • Joe – genealogy  – write methods for genealogy

Erickson – Intellectual foundation for “ethnography” – notes, reading, free-write &  sharing

Go team go!


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