GRS research group agenda for today

Hi All –

I’m going to start the use of this blog again – let’s see if it is useful.

Our agenda:

Updates (2 minutes)

  • New potential doc student (NML, science ed) is coming to town
  • Noyce Leadership Seminar
  • Jan 25, 7pm. Schooling the World – Please come!  (Joe’s running it! – contentious movie, expert panel) – Hoyt Auditorim
  • Joe’s starting comps!
  • School 19 – 4th grade violinsts
  • Joe’s book review is being published in March – Ed Leadership – Joe will send it to us.

Decide about STARS reunion

  • February 17 – 2-4pm: Personally invite pre-service teachers; reminders/announcements/etc.
  • Update on research efforts – Belize / STARS / Others – what do we want to document? – Weekly reports from each of us on progress (10 minutes each: 3 minutes ventures & vexations; 5 minute discussion; 2 minute reaction/statement of commitments for nxt wk to be posted here) .
  1. Belize – weekly mtgs for Brian, Joe and April; looking at proposals, reading Joe’s analytic memo; writing on google doc – focus of analysis (sub-questions; coding strategies; etc.); inventory of data (JH); research table (AL); & draft of schedule (AL)
  2. STARS – weekly mtgs; ditto
  3. Joe’s critique – spent writing workshop on Foucauldian genealogy- now its in an outline form; needs to read more about Foucault’s methods – will write a couple paragraphs by next week (need to rework a couple of claims – longer term)
  4. Michael’s comp – Taking pieces and sections; matching up ideas with literature; doing it systematically; by next week will be done with comp 1 – lessons learned about the process
  5. Liz’s comp – Where are you Liz?
  6. Joe’s comp – weekly writing group nahoko & courtney; starting Monday’s – will be working on organized – will bring bubble map for research group
  • Need a group shot – when will all be on campus?
  • Suggestions for Jeremy – what should he read?
  • Fred Erickson course – Day 1

Check out this blog!!  I so want to study it!  I might get the chance!!! 🙂


One response to “GRS research group agenda for today

  1. Joseph Henderson

    April, I have this in my RSS feed. I think it’s a good place to hold agendas and whatnot.

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