Project work and research work

My thoughts…

Jeremiah and I were hoping to collaborate on the “data management” issue. April’s office (no offense April) seems like a daunting task for just one individual and we feel that together we can accomplish great things – or at the very least, some great organization. Out first meeting together will be on Monday, January 19th to get things sorted and devise a plan of action. We will be able to update you on Friday, the 23rd, during the research meeting.

In terms of research work, I plan to complete the STARS binders (angels singing in background) and possibly get the “master binder” set up for next year. In addition to this, I will work with Michael and April in setting up the 474 research in Atlas TI. We will need to meet to discuss what research questions we are trying to answer and how to best manage the data set.

In the meantime, I will review (once I can find them) some old notes and emails to see what questions we had been asking during the EMI paper – April and I had (what now feels like) hundreds of questions about the cohort, their learning experiences, identity development as a reform-minded teachers, how the coursework offered by 474 supported their development, their expectations of how a classroom should look versus how it does look, teachers’ perceptions and attitudes about reform, and how teachers developed within contexts which did or did not support their reform-minded efforts.

Okay – thanks everyone for the great meeting today – and the awesome food was greatly appreciated!


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